The value of values

Why do people behave the way they do? What makes them respond differently to different situations or stimulus?

It is because different people see things differently – and the determining factor that drives these different perspectives and emotions is a person’s values.

Our values are the nest of beliefs and motivators – largely subconscious – that underpin our attitudes to almost everything we encounter. They are tied directly into our emotions – not our rational faculties. They are what so frequently make us choose something or perform an action before we have really thought about the consequences.

If we can understand a person’s values we can better understand why they do what they do. More importantly we can influence them – not in any “controlling” sense but by making a choice or behaviour more desirable, more natural.

At Public we use ‘values’ as a primary tool to unlock creative solutions for clients and as a shortcut to more effective communications. This IP has been developed and tested over a number of years – and it has added value to brands and businesses time and time again.

Get in touch for a chat about our ‘values’ based approach – and maybe we could unlock some new insights and opportunities together over a coffee.

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