Going deeper

Many marketers talk about targeting ‘Millennials’ as if these are a ubiquitous group.
The reality is that the demographic which today is given the name ‘Millennials’, in former times was called “Boomers”, Gen X, Gen Y, or any other catchy title that suited lazy marketers.

Each in their time was more healthy in their approach to food, more likely to change their habits quickly, more likely to value experience over material ‘things’, etc – all facts that support that the ‘Millennials’ are different.
However they are different in the same way 18-34 year olds are always different from their older counterparts. This isn’t a ‘whole new ball game’ it is just a different cohort passing through the age group.

We propose that marketers need to dig a bit deeper. They need to look beyond the ‘Millennials’ as a market sector, or target market, and begin to apply more effective insights in order to create better, more targeted campaigns.
All ‘Millennials’ are not the same.

This is where Public’s Values Modes System can help. It is a unique insights platform that measures people in 1000 different ways based on their values – underlying nest of beliefs and motivations that make people tick.

These ‘Values Modes System’ insights have been formulated, tracked and measured over 40 years – using quantitative techniques. They are proven – and powerful!

3 Millennial ‘factoids’:

They are 66% more likely to enjoy being involved in a street riot.

•  They are 46% more likely to agree that they sometimes don’t know where reality ends and fantasy begins.
•  They are 33% less likely to be worried about protecting British borders from foreigners.
•  Using our Values Modes System we can create a more granular insights map of current 18-35 year olds – ‘Millennials’.









The map shows how Millennials index against the general population across 108 different Values Modes. Warm = high propensity, cold = low propensity.

The contours that you can see start to formulate clusters of values that deliver a much more granular picture of ‘Millennial’ motivations. Each of the ‘hot points’ indicate a different cluster of core motivations, beliefs and behaviours – which have specific implications on what and how to communicate more effectively.

This ‘map’ allows us to get a more complete and fundamental picture of what makes ‘Millennials’ tick, which values are timeless within the age group and which are driven by new channels and circumstances.

The insight this delivers can cut through – or complement – the vast amount of behavioural data that already exists within brand organisations and marketing departments to deliver a short cut to more targeted, more effective communication and creative ideas – with evidence based results.

If you are targeting ‘Millennials’ and are interested in digging deeper, in discovering something new and actionable about your target audience – get in touch with us here at Public.

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