Tiny house doubles as a mobile library and bookstore

Designed by La Maison Qui Chemine, this spectacular structure known as Librairie Itinérante (or “traveling bookstore”) allows its benevolent owner, Jean-Jacques, to travel across France, bringing books to people living in remote villages without proper libraries or even bookstores.

An avid reader himself, Jacques’ passion lies not only in collecting books on a range of different topics, but more importantly in sharing them with fellow bibliophiles. Apart from taking his library on wheels around the country, especially during festivals, the altruistic Frenchman hosts free readings for the community right in his living room.

Built primarily for easy and hassle-free travel, the Librairie Itinérante, though lightweight, is robust enough to carry more than 700 pounds (around 317.5 kg) of reading material. In addition to the library, the structure doubles as a minimalist, yet cozy dwelling for the owner. One of the corners houses a tiny kitchen with just the bare minimum. The adjoining sliding door opens into a small bathroom, and the loft features a bed for two. The living area is devoid of furniture, except for a handcrafted table, a pair of wooden benches and a ladder.

A compact and stunningly philanthropic idea, what other business could benefit from a similar approach to spreading their word?


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