Stella Artois limited edition cans are a story in themselves

La première! In honor of the Cannes Film Festival, Stella Artois wanted to do something special, and decided that it wouldn’t just be the films telling the stories at Cannes.

Each can (or volume) features a small scene, and the consumer gets to decide what it truly means. For example, the first can could be seen as an absurd accident or a fatal coincidence, and by making the story a “choose your own adventure” book, it becomes enjoyably interactive.

Creating something wider than ordinary limited edition beer packaging. It’s packvertising — a concept where story and design finally meet each other. The story is what Stella Artois stands for, and traditionally they support Cannes Film Festival. So a story is shown of that happened somewhere in Cannes in 4 parts — a part for each can. Accidents, unexpected twists, chase, drama, beautiful women, a kiss at the end and even a helicopter — it’s almost a film on cans

The illustrations read almost like a comic book or storyboards, with different parts of each scene scattered across one can. They also have a feeling of movement built into them, with scrolling film reels and motion lines. Stella Artois’ recognizable red and gold appears on each can, with light blue, silver, and black rounding out the images. Delivering strategic packing that is an inspired twist on traditional Stella packaging.


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