SolarGap blinds generate power while shading windows

For those who can’t, or don’t want to, install solar on their rooftop, or who just want to offset some of their electricity with clean solar energy from their windows, a new product could prove to be a simple DIY solution. SolarGaps motorized blinds is one of those ideas that seems so obvious after you hear about it!

The SolarGaps smart solar blinds can be mounted inside or outside windows, and include
a motorized component for either manually or automatically raising and lowering them, while an automatic tracking mechanism adjusts the angle of the blinds to follow the sun’s position throughout the day. The blinds are made with SunPower solar cells, which have
a supposed 25-year lifespan, and the electricity generated by them can be used directly or stored in a home battery system for use after dark. According to the company, a square meter of SolarGaps blinds can produce 100 watt-hours of electricity per day when mounted outside the window, or up to 50 watt-hours per day when mounted inside, which is “enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or three MacBooks.”

The aluminum blinds also function as privacy shades, and when mounted outside, offer
window protection during storms as well. And because everything is going ‘smart’ these days, the SolarGaps can be app-controlled and set on an automated schedule (or operated manually), and can integrate with other smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the Nest thermostat.


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