SoCIAL Lite launch low cal, low sugar, high on taste pre-mix

SoCIAL Lite is a mixed drink made with premium vodka, carbonated water, natural flavours, and citrus juice concentrate – but no artificial sweeteners or sugar. It’s also gluten-free, is only 80 calories per can (355mL) with four percent alcohol and comes in two flavours – lemon cucumber mint or lime ginger.

CEO Dan Beach, who cofounded SoCIAL Lite with Kevin Folk, says they were inspired to create the drink due to their health-conscious, active lifestyles. “Most drinks are either made with a lot of sugar or are loaded with carbs so you feel heavy in the morning,” he says.

He explains that they started drinking vodka sodas because they liked how they felt the next day. They began working on the concept for SoCIAL Lite two years ago and partnered with Still Waters Distillery from Toronto, which makes handcrafted single-malt vodka in small batches. “We consider ourselves a microbrewery,” Beach says, “in that we take so much pride in the flavour profiles we developed in that it is a very clean, refreshing taste.”

Beach says they initially launched their product in Alberta as a test market and they’ve been pleasantly surprised that people outside their demographic target – such as 18-year-old males and women in their 60s and 70s – have been interested in their product. He points out that many coolers are made with lower-grade alcohol and add sugar and colouring, which increase the amount of calories. The lack of sugar in Social Lite lowers the calorie count and allows for clearer flavours.


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