REACHA is the world’s first live on demand business app

REACHA aims to empower every human being on the planet with a mobile phone to be on demand to each other for services, skills, products and questions.

Just like an uber driver, users can turn their REACHA profile on or off whenever they like, putting them in control of what people see and when they see it. The app lets people find out more about specific services, all in one place, and gives them direct access to contact users through their choice of communication options.

Why? Currently internet search engines don’t help the majority of people in the world stand out – they don’t show up when anyone searches for “what they do”. This phenomenon has disenfranchised people everywhere and hampered the chances of millions of people to simply make an honest living.

The solution is for people to stop being reliant on the internet and rather be on de-mand to those looking for what they do! The REACHA Platform makes this a reality by instantly allowing anyone in the world with a mobile phone to join the on demand economy.

A unique app built to uplift and empower people by allowing them to be open for business, 24 hours a day – for anything they do, anywhere they are, and anywhere they go. Giving the average person a fighting chance to capitalise on the masses of people that are looking for their exact services, but cannot find them online.


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