Pallet provides sports equipment to kids in need

PlayPallets are a new take on the classic wooden shipping pallet. Operating under the belief that access to sports equipment is a fundamental right that every kid in the world deserves, no matter the situation, this charitable organisation is finding a way to ship such pieces to needy kids, especially those in refugee camps.

The pallets are the same dimensions and made out of the same materials as traditional shipping pallets, but when a PlayPallet reaches a refugee camp at the end of its supply chain, the pallet is broken down and rebuilt into a solid piece of sports equipment. Each PlayPallet contains everything necessary to build the equipment, including tools, hardware, accessories, and instructions in several languages.

And every part of the pallet has a functional role in the transformation into the sports gear.  All it takes is a bit of elbow grease and the basketball hoops can be set up in a matter of minutes. Then kids will have a dedicated area to play sports, form leagues and develop self-confidence, teamwork, and have fun.

While the primary goal of the organisation is to help get play equipment to the kids that need it, everything they do is based on sound environmentally conscious decisions. By assisting their partner businesses achieve their humanitarian goals, they in turn help build communities and ensure that ‘profit never come before people’. A truly inspirational initiative that makes sure refugees, immigrants, and people in need are not forgotten.


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